Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak began, Richmonde Hotel Iloilo has constantly been on high alert, making sure our guests and employees are properly protected at all times. We reiterate this commitment as we operate in the new normal through our SAFE STAY Program which consist of the strict protocols currently in place to ensure all guests continue to remain safe and comfortable. The program is based on six main guidelines: (1) staff health, safety & hygiene; (2) guest screening; (3) protecting the hotel environment; (4) physical distancing; (5) intensified housekeeping procedures; and (6) modified hotel policies and procedures.

This Safe Stay program has been recognized by the Department of Tourism (DOT)to be compliant with not only the local and national government’s health standards, but also with global standards as well. The awarding of DOT’s Safety Seal and the World Travel and Tourism Council’s (WTTC) Safe Travels Stamp are proof of Richmonde Hotel Iloilo’s continuous efforts to make every guest experience enjoyable and worry-free.

See certification here.


  • Staff safety is guest safety. To date, 100% of the staff on duty have been fully vaccinated with the addition of the recommended booster shots to keep them protected and our guests extra safe. The hotel continues to screen body temperature of staff prior to their duty.
  • Staff are required to wear freshly laundered and properly disinfected uniforms at the start of every shift. Staff are also provided with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for their use while on duty.
  • All staff are required to wear face masks while on duty.
  • Daily briefings and reminders strategically placed around work areas help ensure everyone practices good hygiene, respiratory etiquette, and physical distancing, among others.


  • Body temperature scanners are available at the hotel entrances for the use of guests to check their temperatures.
  • Depending on the mandate of the local government upon arrival, guests must complete and submit a health declaration form before checking in.
  • If required by the local government, diners and banquet attendees must fill out a health declaration form prior to dining and entering the function room.

Click here to download the health declaration form. Data privacy is strictly enforced by the hotel.



  • The hotel enforces a no face mask, no entry policy and requires that guests wear their masks at all times while in the hotel. Guests may only take off their masks inside their hotel room or when dining in the restaurant or function room.
  • A sanitation kit is available upon request to guests.
  • Through visual aids, guests are reminded to always observe physical distancing, hand hygiene, and proper decorum when coughing or sneezing.
  • Hand sanitizers are conveniently provided around the different common areas of the hotel for guests’ use.

Employees & Suppliers

  • Back-of-the-house entrances are also provided with hand sanitizers. Staff and suppliers are required to sanitize hands before entering the hotel.
  • A no face mask, no entry policy and temperature screening are implemented for both staff and suppliers. Employees and suppliers are required to wear their masks at all times while inside the hotel.


Public Area

  • Physical distancing is strictly enforced by the hotel. Floor markings provide guides to guests on where to stand.
  • The number of guests is limited in enclosed spaces like elevators and public area restrooms.

Dining Outlets

  • Seating in the restaurant outlets is reduced to the capacity allowed by the local government.
  • Hotel staff always maintains their distance with the diners.

Banquet Functions

  • Maximum capacities in the function rooms are reduced to that allowed by the local government.
  • Banquet staff keeps a safe distance from the banquet attendees at all times.

Shared Facilities

  • Use of the gym and pool facilities is limited to allowed maximum capacities of the local government.
  • Additional precautions are implemented by the hotel to ensure the gym and pool do not become crowded. Guest usage of the facilities is strictly monitored.

Staff Service

  • All staff are instructed to stay at least 1 meter away from guests whenever personal interaction is needed.
  • Contactless guest services are implemented whenever possible. Guests are likewise encouraged to utilize online platforms and payment transactions.
  • Guests are encouraged to leave the room during makeup room service.


Public Area

  • High touch point surfaces like elevator buttons, door handles, handrails, and counter tops are disinfected more frequently.
  • In collaboration with the hotel’s hygiene service provider, Ecolab, all public areas are treated regularly with potent cleaning and disinfecting solutions.
  • Additional processes such as UV light sanitation is also done regularly in areas where it is possible.

Guest Room

  • All recently checked out rooms are aired out prior to deep cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Additional processes such as UV sanitation are performed in newly checked-out rooms to further ensure rooms are completely clean and germ-free.
  • Frequently touched surfaces like door handles, remote controls, light switches, mini bar refs, electric kettles, safety deposit box keypads, and telephones are thoroughly disinfected using hospital-grade solutions from Ecolab.

Dining Outlets & Function Rooms

  • Prior to the start of each outlet’s service hours and before attendees arrive in the function rooms, areas are sanitized using hospital-grade solutions.
  • After every service, upholstered chairs are sprayed with disinfectants, tables and chairs are thoroughly wiped down, while seat covers and tablecloths are replaced with freshly washed linen.
  • For day-long events, function rooms are sprayed with disinfectants during break time.

Shared Facilities

  • The gym area is disinfected with the same solutions used in the public areas and guest rooms.
  • Exercise machines and equipment are thoroughly sanitized after every use and again at the end of the day.
  • Sanitizers are also made available for the use of guests should they wish to wipe the equipment themselves before their use.
  • The pool is cleaned daily using saltwater chlorination which maintains the water’s alkalinity at a level that would effectively kill bacteria and viruses. This process is accepted by the Department of Health. The cleaning process may be done a few more times during the day depending on the usage of the guests.


Room Accommodations

  • Guests are encouraged to use the hotel’s e-Concierge system for contactless check-in / check-out.
  • Depending on the current COVID-19 alert level, if any, guests may be required to present their vaccination card upon check-in.
  • Guests on quarantine/awaiting COVID-19 test results may not leave their rooms until their check out.
  • Depending on the current COVID-19 alert level, if any, visitors of guests may be prohibited from entering the hotel rooms.

Food & Beverage Service

  • If allowed in the city, buffet may be served in the restaurant and banquet functions provided there are food servers in proper PPEs and guests wear their face masks at and near the buffet table.
  • Sterilized cutleries, glasses and plates are kept covered and placed on the tables only at service time.
  • QR codes are made available for contactless viewing of the restaurant and Room Service menus.
  • For the convenience of guests picking up their takeaway orders, curbside pick-up and delivery are available. Advance orders required with appropriate lead time. Appropriate delivery charges apply.

Richmonde will always be committed to finding ways to ensure that guest experiences remain enjoyable in the new normal. With the Safe Stay program implemented by Richmonde and the other brands under the Megaworld Hotels group, guests are assured of their protection and wellbeing. As we all adapt to our new reality, you can be assured that we at Richmonde will continue to do our best to make life rich for our guests.

For further information regarding Richmonde Hotel Iloilo’s COVID-19 preventive measures, please call (6333) 328 7888 or email